Fran and I look and feel we are getting younger instead of older. We recently took the Spectra Cell Lab telomere length test: “How fast are you aging?” My cellular level age result is new-born to 10 year old, and Fran’s result shows that of a 30 year old. We were amazed. You can share our actual test results with details about the test through an e-mail and a lot more if you provide your name and e-mail address for fast response.

Telomere Test Results

I stopped all RX drugs except eye drops for glaucoma. I still use supplements (a lot less than before) previous two heart attacks (heart disease), cancer (surgery & 36 radiation treatments). I still take plant enzymes to help digest, metabolize and eliminate toxic waste from meats and proteins (so I can cheat on what I eat a little). I also had two separate surgeries for my esophagus. I stopped taking two Prilosec pills a day even though my surgeon told me I would have to take them forever. New research shows side effects are devastating. Stress controlled, ran, and ruined my life until age 65, and other medical issues I won’t bore you with.

Now I play competitive handball 5-6 days per week, 2-4 hours a day, look great, for any age, and feel better and more powerful than any other time in my adult life, looking forward to ages 80 and beyond believing I am growing younger every day. TELEZYME has become a life changer for me. Evidence we are sharing is pouring in we are not just experiencing a placebo effect.

Before TELEZYME, I was guaranteed, we all are, to shortly, ages 80+, suffer age related degenerative diseases, be unable to play competitive handball, or your favorite sporting activity, anymore, and live to a normal life expectancy. My sister, Fran, feels pretty much the same way.

We are grateful for our new found health and well-being we both attribute to TELEZYME is telomerase enzyme. We wholeheartedly recommend you consider taking TELEZYME also.

TELEZYME is on the market over two years now. No other company even claims to offer the human telomerase enzyme sequence (TTAGGG). Ask them? Companies are raving about the marvels of telomerase enzyme and are creating video’s connecting their products to it. Vitamins, anti-oxidants, stress reduction (the 2nd biggest killer of all), better nutrition, and exercise, all claiming to be enzyme activators slowing the rate telomeres fray and shorten

This is very good, but it takes enough added telomerase enzyme available to micro-surgically attach the human sequence (TTAGGG) to re-grow all 100+Trillions telomeres in every organ in our bodies back to original younger age lengths during mitosis. Comparisons are apples and oranges.

By Clicking article links learn more here about “How Fast Are You Aging?”, Our personal Spectra Cell Lab test results, 3-27-13 article: Manipulating the lengths of telomeres “Making OLD genes young again” A cure for Cancer and Heart Disease? And to a consortium of eight European countries five year $12 million (euros) 2009 study by 23 genetics research laboratories and participated in by two pharmaceutical company’s research departments.

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