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What are telomeres?

Telomeres are the protective caps on the ends of chromosomes acting as a biological clock governing the life of cells. Telomere lengths are proven to measure life expectancy (how fast we are aging). They are made of an enzyme called telomerase. Without enough telomerase enzymes to re-grow telomeres, telomeres lose genetic information needed to replicate correctly causing old age. Studies show shorter telomeres correlate to a greater risk of contracting age-related diseases (3-27-13 AOL Article) manipulating length of telomeres “Making Old Gene’s Young Again” “A cure for Heart Disease and Cancer?”

How do we know this?

Elisabeth Blackburn, Carol W. Greider and Jack Szostak won the 2009 Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine for their discovery of telomeres and telomerase enzyme and their critical role in cell replication essential for human life. In seven year cycles, all our current 100+Trillions cells will have died and been replaced by new copies through mitosis (cell replication). Ten to twenty billion cells replicate through mitosis in each one of us every day before they die.

Why do we look and feel older, get sick and eventually die?

Because our cells produce less telomerase enzyme as we age, our new cells telomeres fray and shorten causing them to lose genetic information and become imperfect copies of the original cells. This limits the number of replications essential for life to continue (now approximately 50) named the Hayflick Limit. The true cause of aging is called senescence. When our cells cannot replicate anymore, we die.

That is why little by little we grow older and why it also takes time for enough of our cells to replicate when we add telomerase enzyme to re-grow enough cells telomeres to achieve visible benefits. Results are cumulative.

Find out why scientists world-wide call telomerase enzyme the “Fountain of Youth”. This discovery has become the biggest news in genetic aging research world-wide and what it can mean to you today. It is all over the Internet, TV, Medical Journals, Genetics Journals, you name it. Every month new research is spreading light on this game changing discovery of why we are born programmed to grow old, get sick and die and how telomerase enzyme re-programs that programing on a cellular level.

Why is this so Huge an order to fill?

That’s why certified 100% organic TELEZYME, the telomerase enzyme with enzyme enhanced spirulina, nutrients, minerals and markers has taken three decades for three overseas genetic scientific researchers, one key in the Dolly the Sheep Cloning 3 decades ago, along with Ronald K Schneider, an American immunologist and enzyme expert researcher joining them 20 years ago, to develop TELEZYME. Imagine what four independently self-funded dedicated scientists working together can create in three decades that no amount of money can create from scratch.

TELEZYME (TTAGGG) is telomerase enzyme (TTAGGG) re-grows telomeres (TTAGGG), is celebrating its 2nd anniversary. It has been commercially available for almost three years now. Fran, age 80, and I, age 76, and many others, as customers, have blazed the trail, paid the price, $119 per month 780+ days, by flooding our circulatory systems with four 400MG TELEZYME telomerase enzyme capsules every day.

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